Who We Are

Rock Dust are a Post Politi-punk, Funk- Rock  band based in Denver, CO comprised of Denver music scene seasoned pros.

Dan and Kelly are from the Seattle Grunge scene and formerly of  the bands The Speedholes, Gorilla, and Helldorado.

Allan is  a former member of the bands Ghost Tribe, Tongue Mountain, and Me Me Monster.  

Monica is a seasoned vocalist with decades of lead and backup singing experience in bands, plays, and musicals.

Brack has been banging drums since he was a teenager in High School band among other projects throughout his life. 


What We Do:

Dan Merrick- Bass and Vocals

Kelly Merrick -Keys and Vocals

Monica Ward-Lead Singer and Guitar

Allan Cutler-Lead Guitar and Vocals

Brack Burris- Drums



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Rocket Dust

Goosetown Tavern, Denver, CO

Come check us out with: Mountain Trash and Cyclo-Sonic

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